SCORIGAMI® is a Hi-End music production studio based in Shanghai, creating scores of unparalleled quality, and the only one in China officially recommended by the Polish Government.

The Talent

Founded and led by an acclaimed Polish composer Henryk Iwan, SCORIGAMI leads the way as the top choice and go-to place for anybody seeking a truly superb, first-class soundtrack for their next project. Serving the most discerning in the industry who wish to take their work to the next level with a proper score, SCORIGAMI shows and proves the importance of having a good soundtrack, making a difference staying true to its principles.

The Mission

SCORIGAMI is operated more in a cultural fashion rather than a typical business. Being devoted to high (and consistent) quality, it does not mass-produce music. Instead, SCORIGAMI redefines the meaning of "great soundtrack" by setting new standards of music for digital media in China. Whether working for games, films, TV or advertising, SCORIGAMI creates the most diverse, inspired and professional scores one can find in this part of the world.

Complete & Flexible

SCORIGAMI offers a full range of music creation services and helps making decisions most suitable for a particular project. Based on the needs and preferences (like using virtual instruments or utilizing a live orchestra etc.) SCORIGAMI takes care of the entire process, always assuring that the music's role of servitude is fulfilled.

Working Hard & Smart

Tight deadlines are not uncommon in this industry and SCORIGAMI has the most impeccable record of always delivering on time. On top of that, it also has an outstanding reputation for its thoroughness and attention to detail, always using all time given to polish the work as much as possible and deliver a musical diamond.

SCORIGAMI® is the mark of highest quality soundtracks, trusted by the biggest brands and used by the most demanding clients.


Here you can find a selection of Henryk's works. Enjoy!

Created with

TOP Talent

Core Team

Because it's not about the equipment and facilities, but the people who use them.

The creator of SCORIGAMI soundtracks, known for his distinguished composing skills, as well as tremendous work ethics. Read more...

Henryk Iwan

Co-Founder & Chief Composer

The managing part of the company.
Also, the lovely voice you can hear in some of SCORIGAMI soundtracks.

Zhuang Yiwen (Layla)

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Master in Musicology, responsible for artist management of SCORIGAMI.

Song Yang

Artist Management

As a licensed lawyer specializing in copyrights, Li Hui takes care of all legal matters and makes sure your investment is protected.

Li Hui (Martha)

Legal Affairs


  • Weeping Doll has launched!

    The story-driven VR thriller by TianShe Media is now released as a PSVR launch title, with Oculus & Vive (Steam) versions to follow soon.
    Listen to its award-winning song right here ->

  • LINK Messenger

    Using LINK Messenger? It has recently been upgraded, and now features system sounds created by SCORIGAMI! Read more ->

  • Global Music Awards!

    SCORIGAMI is proud to share that Henryk Iwan has been honored with two Global Music Awards for his 2015 game soundtracks - Brave Quest & Lords Mobile - plus one honorable nomination in 8DIO's Annual Stand-Out Contest!

  • 'Lords Mobile' released!

    Lords Mobile is now released, and you can finally hear the anticipated soundtrack right here! It is Henryk's second soundtrack this year that has been honored by Global Music Awards!

  • 'Brave Quest' awaits!

    Brave Quest is now available on Google Play store, and the music created by Henryk Iwan received a Global Music Award! You can listen to these amazing tracks right here.

  • End-of-the-year cumulative blog post

    As you might have noticed, we haven't been updating the website very often, but now after working like crazy for months and realizing it's already end of the year, we finally sat down to write this one cumulative update to let you know what's been going on in 2014. Read ->

  • SCORIGAMI at ChinaJoy 2014

    SCORIGAMI attended ChinaJoy 2014 as one of the few companies invited and sponsored by the Polish Government. Read more ->

  • Polish Government recommends SCORIGAMI!

    The Consulate's Trade and Investment Department in Shanghai writes about the game-changing soundtracks and recommends SCORIGAMI as a trusted partner in China.

  • 'Master of Meteor Blades' goes beta!

    The revamped beta welcomes players to check out the game, along with its soundtrack created by Henryk Iwan. Also, the game has recently been announced for release on PS4 & Xbox One.

  • PORSCHE - 50th Anniversary Event

    It was indeed an honor and pleasure to create the core soundtrack for the 50th Anniversary of Porsche 911. The event took place in Beijing's Forbidden City, and you can watch the video (including a little "Behind the Scenes") here.

  • 'Prism Sound' quality

    Did you know that SCORIGAMI is one of only 25 studios in the world powered by the very special audio interface from Prism Sound? Read more ->


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